What’s The Rave About Curl Theory? Part I

So I know you’ve all been wondering what my craze about Curl Theory is about. Well let’s get into it shall we!

Quietly flourishing next to Bath and Body Works at the Bowie Towne Center in Bowie, Marlyand, you can find The Curl Theory salon. Interestingly enough, it has only been open since 2017! They specialize in all types of curls from the wavy 2 series to the thick and beautiful 4c hair texture. On September 19th  2017, I decided that I need a break from the multi-texture and uncontrollable mess on my head. I was tired of having damaged ends, tangles & knots, and the overall hour preponderance of “what shall I do to my hair today” routine. So I decided to give myself-yes, you read right-give myself a big chop..which ended up being a medium chop and a total disaster!

The transformation began in my “should be a half bathroom but it is a full bathroom”  size salle de bains (bathroom). I started in the back so I could pull an e-brake on the process if I ended up not liking it. From the angle that I was looking at, it didn’t look that bad. So I continued. I didn’t want my fro too short but my new growth was nowhere near two inches long. I knew exactly what I was gonna do; I would keep some of my damaged hair until my hair started to grow! Brilliant idea… or at least I thought. After a couple of hours in the bathroom creating my “masterpiece”, I was finally done. I put my new cut into some pin curls and headed off to bed. The style was wearable the next day but no one really noticed that I ad spent hours cutting my hair and the days to follow weren’t so easy.

I spent the next couple of days repeating the same hairstyle for hours trying to make my short hair work! The whole reason I cut my hair in the first place was so I wouldn’t have to deal with it. But I found myself in the bathroom spending more time than I did when my hair was longer. All the videos on Youtube of pretty girls globing heinous amounts of gel on their hair to get those perfect wash and go’s didn’t help. I needed help and I needed it fast!

My roommate, being the hair fanatic that she is, told me about curl theory. She mentioned that they specialized in kinky and curly hair and that she wanted to give them a try. Only thing was that they were to expensive-which we will talk about pricing in a bit. I took all she said into consideration and decided to try them out. Boy was she right..about their specialization of course!

I drove down to the Bowie towne center shortly after the talk I had with my roommate. I promised her that I would keep her updated on how the visit went. I walked into the salon that was draped with purple decor and a refreshing ambiance. I was greeted by not one, not two, but by all the gorgeous staff that worked there. They all glowed with melanin and grace. Their curls bounced with love and care. I knew I was in the right place!

Before I got there that day, I had researched the salon on yelp. I was redirected to their website that provided more information about the salon, gallery, services, and pricing. My first instinct was to check the gallery because if I didn’t like what I saw, then there would be no reason to keep looking, right? The pictures were not as convincing as I wanted them to be. In reality, it was never going to be convincing because it wasn’t me with the beautiful curls on my head. I can be very hard to convince sometimes. Nonetheless, my second stop was the pricing. This was another obstacle for me. It was hard for me to wrap my head around paying $40 for a trim and $70 for a wash and go which would amount to $110 gone from my bank account just like that. But I promised my roommate that I would let her know how it went and I knew that I had to give this place a chance because it was unique, black-owned…and oh yeah.. I needed help and I needed it fast!

So I went.

Stay Tuned For Part Two…


2 thoughts on “What’s The Rave About Curl Theory? Part I

    1. folagarr says:

      Thanks for the support! I think everyone should rock a big chop at least once in their life. There’s a freedom that comes along with knowing that ” I am not my hair.” Thanks again for reading! Hope to hear from you soon! Let me know if you end up doing it 🙂

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