Tips For The Success In You

We finally did it. We finally stopped waiting. We finally took thee first step! We finally invested in us. WE FINALLY OPEN OUR STORE ONLINE..


On March 1st 2018, my husband and I opened our online store. There were definitely some road bumps, some doubt, and some fears during the process but we did it.


There are a tremendous amount things that we say we want do but never follow through. We make a list at the beginning of every year of these tasks we want to accomplish by the end of the year. How many of us have accomplished half of the ones for this year? Or even a quarter of it? One thing we fail to consider when making these plans is our level of perseverance and confidence. We yearn for instant gratification and we lack patience. Everything is supposed to happen right now. I’m supposed to be rich in two month with my own business. I’m supposed to be performing in front of large crowds by my second show. I’m supposed to be walking down the runway for NYFW by my first audition. As I’ve mentioned before in “Looking For SuccessDON’T BE SCARED OF THE BABY STEPS. These are the steps that allow you to grow mentally, spiritually, and professionally. The same applies in school. When you attend school, you begin with the basic courses that provide you a framework to build on. Allow yourself the time to build that framework in what ever area you are interested. If you want to be a writer, start by reading books of authors you want to emulate. Start by writing short stories. Start by taking a class that focuses on writing skills. Take another class that provides an opportunity to write essays. Learn about the writing industry. Small. Steps. They will get you there. 

Perseverance is another thing that many people lack. For many years I would hit a peak in whatever I was pursuing, I would have one road block and I would quit. Because I did not have anyone pushing me to keep going, I would do this every time. Weather it was graphic design, dancing, track, or basketball. Folagarr was one of those adventures I did not pursue by myself. I was determined to pull my weight as part of a team. This can be hard for people to do especially in cases where the “business” is seen as an individual event. For example, one of the most popular new years resolution, as you all may know, is losing weight. But by the second month, the gyms are empty and the weight is still on. Instead of trying to lose the weight on your own, join a team of like-minded individuals that keep you accountable. Joining a gym that does poorly at tailoring to your need is a waste of time and money. Meet new people that want to lose the same amount of weight as you. People that want to talk to you after gym hours. These are the people that will keep you accountable months after the weight is off.

In essence, know that good thing comes to those that work hard and preserver. You control what happens or doesn’t happen for you. People will always judge you so don’t let that stop you. Stay motivated because..

                     “The TIME is NOW, Today is THE DAY, and YOU are the ONE”

Love & Peace

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