Why I Got An Alarm Clock

Why I got a Alarm Clock⏰

For the past couple of days, there has been an array of noise about how social media has taken over the world and how much time we spend on it.

We’ve all had those moment where we planned to watch just one video that turned into two then three and so on. By the time we realize it, we’ve been literally watching videos for hours!

One day, I decided to be consciously aware how much time I spend on social media. I also made sure to be aware of the excuses I used just to get on my phone. For example, I would use my phone as an alarm, just as anyone else would. This was my earliest excuse in the morning, before I said good morning to bae and before I brushed my teeth, to get on my phone. I would go through all the notifications on my phone that I got over night. Like who is honestly liking pictures at two in the morning!? Of course, most of them were for Facebook and Instagram. People showing off their best “life” while burying their angst and sadness. I easily spent more than 30 minutes of my “get ready” time to scroll through it. Just by doing this, I had put scrolling through social media as part of my morning routine!

If I didn’t scroll through my phone in the morning, I would feel like part of my day was missing.
So, to get out of that habit, I bought an alarm clock.

Now, tell me how many people you know with an alarm clock?. I’ll wait…. even my grandmother doesn’t have an alarm clock (she has an iPhone 6!)
You know why no one has an alarm clock? Because who needs an alarm clock when you have a phone? I mean, everything is on our phone. From a alarm clock to calculator to weather and apps that allow us to grocery shop from home.


But just having an alarm clock alone can’t keep me off my phone in the morning. I did some math. I subtracted the amount of time I spent on my phone during my morning routine and set my alarm thirty minutes back from my usual wake up time. Doing so makes sure that my main focus will be on getting ready for the day and NOT scrolling through Facebook, Instagram and the likes.

I’m still working on my master plan and I haven’t yet mastered my plan for my afternoon and evening scroll but I am working on it and I will keep you all updated. We waste SO MUCH time on social media. It honestly should be recognized as a legit addiction. There should seriously be SMA( social media anonymous) meeting going on!

All in all, we need to become more aware of the time we spend on social media. For us, social media is a blessing and a curse. It’s a way for small business( and big ones) to advertise there brands. It’s a a way for people to share there talents and their voice. But social media can also bring people down. It can be used to spread fear and encourage depression. It is an outlet for low self-esteem and a huge time waster.

I leave you with this: what would you do with just a couple more hours in a day? Live your life through likes or live your life through real experiences?
Take back your time and your mind!

Spread The Word.

-Love & Peace

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